Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Food glorious food

We are now into phase 2 of introducing solids. Sticky has finally decided she likes food!

Phase 2 involves introducing a second daily meal, meat, yoghurt and texture into the food. Our first attempt at meat was mince and it was a no go. I think it was too lump for her. Next was blended steak, potato and peas and that was also too lumpy. Blended chicken, pumpkin and zucchini was a hit! After a few days of that I tried the steak again and she's becoming more interested in it so we are trying mince again tonight.

The yoghurt has been a fail. I've been trying to mix some full fat Greek yoghurt into both fruit and veges and she just doesn't like it. Maybe she's not ready for the dairy yet, or maybe she just doesn't like the taste, so we're ditching it for now. 

I've learnt that if something doesn't work, try it again a few days later. Apple has been her arch enemy to date. The first time I tried it with some baby cereal and there was no interest. Mixed with yoghurt still bought turning of the head. Today, I mixed it with some broccoli and she wolfed it down - apple and broccoli, who would have guessed it! I got so excited she finally had some that I bought some pears today and we'll try that next. Then, it will be back to banana which remains unpopular. Maybe banana and pumpkin is a new taste sensation!

She's doing well with having two meals a day - she has one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. I'll continue to do this until she reaches 7 months when we'll up it to 3 meals a day and introduce lumpy food and hand held food.

As I go through the process of introducing her to food, I'm amazed at how intense the process is. There are so many skills needed to learn to eat and we should all be blessed our parents taught us! I remain determined not to raise a fussy eater so will continue to introduce a range of different food, encourage her to try different things, tell her how well she's doing and high 5 her when she's had a good eating day!

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