Monday, 7 July 2014

Family time

As Wonder Week #5 continues, and we contend with ongoing disrupted sleep, I decided it was time for some family time and Sticky's first picnic!

I was so excited about taking Sticky on a picnic. Not just because it would be her first, but because it offered a rare chance for us to spend some quality family time together. I find it takes more of an effort these days to organise to leave home and to step away from the computers, IPads and other devices that drain from time together.

I decided to take Sticky's bath chair with us so she could have a little seat. I had considered buying a bumbo chair but given they grow out of that at 6 months, I thought we'd try this instead. It worked a treat and she thought she was quite the lady sitting up with us!

It was so lovely to sit in the sun as a family and enjoy some quality time together. It made me realise how special these moments are and how I need to make sure I continue to find these moments for us. I've been so inspired I've booked us in for our first family holiday to the beach in a few weeks so I can't wait! 

While we struggle with Wonder Weeks, teething, colds and a baby that's constantly frustrated because she can't sit up, taking time to enjoy the simple things in life puts the struggles into perspective. In fact, they really aren't struggles at all!

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