Friday, 18 July 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday all! What's fabulous about today is holidays!
Sticky is 6 months old tomorrow so we figured it was a good excuse to go away for the weekend. It will be our first family holiday! We're heading to the beach which is a strange place to go in the middle of winter, but, it should be nice. And we'll head into the mountains for lunch tomorrow at one of my favourite wineries.

My choice for this weekend holds lots of special meaning for me. It's the place we went to for our honeymoon, and the place we went to after I lost Peanut. It holds mixed emotions for me as this is the first time we've been back since loosing Peanut. I'm quite excited to take Sticky there because it feels like we've come full circle.

I know 6 months is just an arbitrary number but it's a big deal for me. When I think about how she's grown and changed in that time, I can't believe how much can happen in such a short time. She's growing up before my eyes and I'm so glad we can spend this time together as a family, enjoy each other's company and celebrate our little girl's milestone!

Have a great weekend all!

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