Thursday, 14 August 2014

Return of the squealing baby

A few months ago, you may recall me lamenting that Sticky had found her voice. Now, she's found it all over again!

Yes, the squealing has returned but this time it's much worse. She seems to have discovered a new level of shrill that must be close to causing my ears to bleed! It is beyond painful! So much so, I actually roused on her for the first time.

She was screaming and screaming and screaming, getting louder each time. When I couldn't stand it anymore I clapped my hands and said very sternly, "no more, that's too loud." She looked at me and smiled. No guessing what she was thinking!

My husband got his first taste of it yesterday as he was home for a public holiday. We were driving out for lunch and she started screaming in the back of the car. He clapped his hands very loudly and said no. Unfortunately, he clapped right in my ears so between that, and the screaming, my ears were ringing! Again, she just smiled.

I realised I needed to take a different approach. We've been teaching her to be "gentle" at the moment. Mostly with the cat but also when trying to grab our hair or another baby. We take her hand and make slow movements and say "gently gently" in a very calm and quiet voice. She's slowly getting the hang of it so now when she squeals I tell her "gentle voice." 

I realised that yelling at her or making loud notices just encourages her to be loud. We need to fight the noise with the quiet. And funnily enough, she doesn't seem to laugh when I say that to her. Perhaps I'm thwarting her game, who knows. But, given I really didn't like being rousing Mummy, I'll give the gentle approach a go!

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