Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The arrival of the clingy baby

When I was pregnant, people told me to get a baby carrier for when the baby would become  really clingy at 6 weeks old. Sticky never did that but she's making up for it now!

I knew babies become clingy around 6 months which normally coincides with separation anxiety. Sticky doesn't really seem to have the anxiety because she's happy to go to other people - it's more a case of her just not wanting me to put her down.

She'll have times during the day when she's happy to play in her bouncer or with me on the floor, but as soon as she becomes tiered, she wants to be held. You see, she's decided she doesn't want to sleep anymore. Trying to get her to nap during the day is becoming a traumatic experience I would like to avoid but continue to persevere at. 

She will now scream hysterically as soon as I put her in the cot. She works herself up into such a state I worry she will make herself sick. I last 10 minutes on a good day before I pull her out. She'll sleep in the pram or in the car seat but the problem is this doesn't give me any downtime to do things I need to do. 

A friend told me her daughter went through the same stage until she started crawling then went back to sleeping as she was exhausted. The problem is, I think we're still a good 3 months away from that. I'm not sure I'll last that long!

What's most frustrating, is when I pick her up and she gives me this huge grin. Some would interpret the grin as meaning "Thanks Mum, I really didn't want to go to sleep." But me, I interpret it as "Ha ha, gotcha sucker." Am I being played? Yes I absolutely am! I try to be as strong as I can but she knows how far to push to get her way. So I celebrate the very small wins I do achieve and try not to lament the current count is about Sticky 30, Mummy 5!

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