Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A freak out moment

I’ve just had my first experience at bleeding and I’m ever so slightly freaking out. I suppose I should be thankful for the timing giving tomorrow is my scan so we can check everything is ok.

Please note – the following may be too much information but I’ve always promised that this blog would be truthful about the ins and outs of pregnancy!

It all unfolded this morning when I went to the toilet. I had bad constipation and was in quite a lot of pain. As a result, I had some bleeding after I finally managed to do my business. This is quite normal for me but there was a lot more blood than normal. I didn’t really worry about it though as it’s just been part and parcel of the journey.

I just went to the toilet again and noticed a patch of blood on my underwear and some bloody trickle marks. The patch was a dark brown and the trickle marks were red. I assumed that the trickle marks were a leftover from this morning but the dark brown patch was new.

I immediately contacted the obstetrician and was put through to the nurse. I explained the situation to her and her first question was “Have you engaged in any adult activities lately?” It took me a few seconds to realise she was talking about sex and I had to stifle a laugh. I replied no, and told her I had had some pain in my lower abdomen this morning.

She asked if I had felt any movements and I told her I had felt some movements this morning but I wasn’t sure if they were the pain in my abdomen or not. She seemed to think the patch of blood was old blood given it was darker and it was nothing to worry about. She told me to go to my scan tomorrow and we will see if anything is wrong.

I expected her to say all of that. In my head, I know everything she says makes sense but it doesn’t stop me feeling anxious about it. I’m quietly asking Sticky to do some somersaults or even give me a swift kick just to let me know she’s ok. It’s moments like these I wish I had a doppler but again, I will ride through it as just another moment when only time will tell if everything is ok.

Right now, I am feeling some swishing in my stomach so it could be Sticky or it could be the lunch I’ve just eaten. For now, I just have to sit tight and keep the faith that everything is ok. In less than 24 hours we’ll know what’s going on. 9am tomorrow can’t come fast enough!    

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