Wednesday, 4 September 2013

It's a girl!

So it’s official, we have a girl. I am enormously relieved that the whole time I’ve been referring to Sticky as a she, I was correct. Thank god I don’t have to now get into the habit of saying he!

Getting Sticky to reveal herself was not easy. While she was stubborn at the 12 week scan, she was even more stubborn at this one. She was tightly wrapped in a ball and was giving nothing away. The sonographer started with her head and oh so painfully slow worked her way down to the face. After the drama of yesterday, all I wanted to see was the heartbeat.

After what seemed like forever, and it was 23 minutes, the heartbeat came up on the screen. Sticky was ok. I let out a massive sigh of relief.  

The scan continued and she curled up even tighter. I prepared myself for the disappointment of not finding out the sex. But, I suddenly coughed and she suddenly moved and there is was – nothing between the legs. The sonographer said “It’s a girl” and I burst into tears. While I always felt that I was having a girl, that was the first moment I realised, that’s my daughter. I have a daughter!

 I was told to go to the toilet and come back. I was then asked to jump up and down, touch my toes , wriggle and cough. All good things to try and get her to wake up to get a better picture. The doctor then came in to scan me and suddenly she woke up. She moved her head so we could see her face and finally got a decent view where she didn’t look like a turtle.  

The doctor also told us that my risk of down syndrome was now 1:5000 so that has doubled in the past 7 weeks. She also said there were no issues, abnormalities or any problems they could see. She told me my placenta was at the front which is why I hadn’t felt too many kicks at this point but it wouldn’t be long before Sticky was playing soccer. It was a perfect scan. She then asked if there was anything else we wanted to ask so my husband asked if she was sure it was a girl.

She scanned again and still, there was nothing between the legs. She pointed out two lines that indicate a labia – most definitely girly bits. I know lots of people who have been told they’re having a girl, and end up with a boy, so there’s always the chance. But, given the angle, view and total absence of anything resembling a penis, I’m pretty confident I have a little Miss in there.

Needless to say we’re over the moon. I feel like it’s been such a long and difficult journey to get to this point. I have had to overcome so many obstacles and hiccups along the way. I’ve battled my internal demons and fears and it’s a battle I’m still fighting. But I keep reminding myself that I trust myself, my body and my baby that all will end well.

For now, I am at the top of the hill and about to slide down the slope of the last half of my pregnancy. I’ve been told the second half goes faster so I’m going to be as prepared as I can be. Now, I can face it in the knowledge that everything I do, I do for my little girl. And, I need to continue to be brave and solider on like any good Mother does! 

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  1. Let the naming begin! Looks like from that position she really was doing somersaults! Congratulations!



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