Monday, 2 September 2013

19 Weeks pregnant – The name suggestions begin

This week is a biggy. Not only does it mark halfway, but it’s also scan week. We will finally know if Sticky is a blue or pink one. As such, the flood of name suggestions has begun.

Giving us suggestions is futile really because my husband still refuses to enter any name discussions until we know the sex. He’s happy to listen but won’t provide any comment on them. When my little brother suggested his names, my husband said to him “If you want naming rights you have to make it.” Then he suggested we could sell the naming rights. I thought we could list it on Ebay for the highest bidder, but then we realised that Suncorp, MacDonalds or Microsoft wouldn’t be great names!

My Mother suggested some girls names she likes but they were too common for me. Nice enough names, but for someone else’s kids. My uncle came up with the best suggestion of all. He has three sons named Tom, Harry and George. He told me they used the Thomas the Tank catalogue for their name inspiration. Of course the first name that popped into my head was Fat Controller!

I took a look just to see as the only other names I could think of were Percy and Daisy. Well, needless to say Thomas’ friends have significantly increased in recent years. There’re now over 100 different characters so plenty to choose from. Check out the list if you want a good laugh! Given Sticky’s last name will be Fearn, I was a bit partial to Dash and Fergus myself! I don’t think I’ll have much luck getting those over the line with my husband.

So, while it was interesting hearing everyone else’s thoughts, I’m keeping my list close to my chest. My husband and I have agreed to share the sex with everyone, but we’ll keep the final name under wraps. I’ve heard too many stories of people revealing names only to change their mind when people make derogatory comments about it. And, my names are my names. I only have 2 girl names I love and I’m not sharing them for someone else to steal!

In baby news, Sticky has finally found her feet. Or, the ability to do summersaults. I hadn’t felt any real movement for over a week and she started swirling around on Saturday night. She’s been doing twists and turns ever since. It will be interesting to see her move at the scan to understand what movements I’m feeling when. I have such a range of sensations that I don’t know if she’s moving, hiccupping, stretching or tumbling. Hopefully she’ll demonstrate her whole repertoire for us on Wednesday.

In saying that, she’ll probably be a cheeky monkey and be fast asleep and not want to cooperate at all. This week she can start marking simple facial gestures including smiling. I can picture her in there smiling away with the same cheeky look on her face I use to get when I was planning on doing something mischievous. We’ve been reminding her of all the names we’ll call her if she doesn’t behave. My brother added a new one to the list – Alowishus!

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