Thursday, 9 January 2014

10 days to go

So here we are T - 10 days to go. We are officially on the countdown. I'm still in shock as to how we suddenly got here!

I had my second last check up at the obstetricians today. This means it was also the second last time I will hear Sticky's heartbeat from the inside. I'm a bit sad about that. Of course I'll be excited to see her on the outside, but hearing that heartbeat has been my strongest connection to her since I first heard it 31 weeks ago. I must remember to record it next week.

At today's checkup I had lost one kilo. The midwife said a few women had lost weight since Christmas. For me, it's been too hot to eat too much and I find my appetite fluctuates so some days I just don't feel like eating. I was a bit worried that my weight might mean Sticky wasn't getting big enough but the midwife wasn't concerned. I guess there isn't too much we can do about it now anyway. She'll be whatever she will be and if she's smaller she's just smaller. As long as she's healthy that's all that matters.

I'm feeling some new movements which puts pressure of various parts of my body. Yesterday she hit my bladder which immediately made me feel like I would pee my pants and my first thought was it was my waters breaking. That clearly wasn't the case but as a new sensation, it freaked me out a bit. Things are starting to feel tighter and heavier and I'm noticing I'm carrying my belly when I walk. Not because it's big, it just feels heavy and sometimes she likes to burrow down into it which means I have to stop in my tracks because the feeling is quite intense.

I guess it's just the last stage of pregnancy. Maybe it's Sticky getting herself ready or maybe she's just having to find extra room for herself. All I can do is the last few things I need to to get ready. This includes discussing with my parents when to bring my Grandmother to meet Sticky, filling out the anaesthetist's form, reading the pediatrician's brochure and getting our wills signed. Just the logistical things one has to do before one brings a baby into the world.

Other than that, I'm not making any plans for next week other than with myself. I'd like to check out a new cafe I found and see a movie but that will be about it. Just in case she does decide to make an early appearance, I don't want too many appointments I need to remember to cancel. For the next 10 days, it's all about making the most of the rest of the time I have yet. 10 days. Holy crap! 

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