Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 - The year of the Sticky

Happy New Year all! I hope yours is off to a great start. My brother told me that 2014 would be the year of the Sticky and so it will be. When I think about everything that will happen to us this year, it all links back to one event - Sticky's arrival! 

There is no denying 2014 will be the most significant year of my life. It will be filled with a new arrival, new adventures, new challenges, new highs and no doubts new lows. It is bound to be one to remember. And, I'm looking forward to it. With 17 days to go, I'm eager to kick it off.

We got a step closer today with my 36 week check up. Dr. T. is on leave so I only saw the midwife. I was weighed and to my great surprise no weight gain in the last 2 weeks. I told her Dr. T said Sticky would weigh in at around 8 pounds but she looked dubious. If she really is going to be that big, surely the weight would be coming on, but no. I am still sitting at a total weight gain of 8 kilos. 

My husband joked that I could loose all of that weight when the baby is born but I don't think so. I'd expect to loose at least half though. My husband warned me not to go around telling other women I only had to loose a few kilos after giving birth as it would not make me popular. I don't plan on sharing it anyway - not because I'm worried about my popularity, but because I know I am a very rare case and would hate to set unrealistic expectations. 

I really am dumbfounded as to why I haven't put on more weight especially given I was so worried about it. Clearly, I needn't have been so concerned. My body has not reacted in the way I thought it would during the pregnancy on any level so I guess it just goes to show we shouldn't assume things are going to happen a certain way. I guess that's the message I'll tell friends if they ask about my weight.

The midwife ran through the procedure and everything that will happen on the day. She wants us at the hospital by 6am so it will be an early start. We'll be admitted, sent to our room, prepped and then into theatre we go. I'll have a spinal block, rather than an epidural, as it works faster. They put in a local before the block and I'll be hunched over a pillow. I can't say I like the thought of that too much.

Then, Dr. T. will come in with all guns blazing and Sticky will  arrive 10 minutes later. I fear those 10 minutes will be the longest of my life. I have visions of me lying there, gripping my husband's hand, waiting to hear her scream. Once I hear that scream, I'll be able to relax - until then, I'm pretty convinced I'm going to be a total wreck.

Sticky will then be seen by the pediatrician, wrapped up, bought over to me and we will officially meet. Then, the year of the Sticky will officially begin. We will make our introductions while the operation is finished then she will go with my husband to recovery and wait for me. Once I'm good, we'll be taken back to our room and settle in. 

By that time, I wouldn't have eaten for about 12 hours so I'll no doubt be hanging out for some food and a coffee. I've already told my husband he'll be on coffee duty and if the hospital cafe isn't open, he'll be walking to the shopping centre to get me one. I'm all about the priorities! 

At 3pm my parents and brothers will arrive to meet their granddaughter and niece. My poor mother is desperate to get in earlier but alas, hospital rules are rules - no visitors until 3pm. On our tour, the nurse made it quite clear they make people wait outside if they arrive earlier so alas, everyone will just have to exercise some patience. I'll be sure to text them a photo of her when I can though so they're not in total darkness. We'll be sure to tell them her name too!

It will be a long day as I'm pretty sure I'm unlikely to sleep too much the night before. By the end of it, I'm sure I will be exhausted but deleriously happy and probably still in a little shock.  To think she would have finally arrived after a long 9 months. It still seems so surreal to me but I'd better get over it. That's what's happening on 20 January for me! 

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