Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fiona in Wonderland

Today I am so exhausted and fuzzy in the head I feel like I am in Wonderland - totally off with the fairies, so this quote seemed quite apt!
My little poppet did not have a good night. I woke her up at 3:30 am for a feed which all went smoothly, but just as she was dropping back off to sleep, she had an attack of gas. The look on her face said it all - a massive nappy dump was followed by a huge burp. She was clearly relieved to have it out but was unsettled by it. We didn't get her back to sleep until 6am.

I set my alarm to get up at 8am but just couldn't manage it and fell back asleep so we all got up at 9am. I felt so heavy in the head and quite delirious. I suppose that happens when you've only had 6 hours sleep broken up into two 3 hour stints with a crying baby on either side of it. 

Despite my threatening madness, I was determined today would be weigh day for Sticky and I. We've been home a week today so I wanted some gauge as to how we were travelling. I've lost 6 kilos since she was born, 2 kilos in the past week. I put that down to breastfeeding so yay breastfeeding! She's gone from 2.4 kg to 2.6kg so she's only 9 grams away from being back to her birth weight. Again, yay breastfeeding!

I must admit I'm enormously relieved to know she's putting on weight. It means she is feeding enough, getting enough nourishment and is exactly where she is meant to be in terms of weight milestones. It means I don't have to worry about how we're travelling with our feeding - we are on track. And, I've finally been able to book in with a lactation consultant who is coming tomorrow so I'm enormously buoyed to have that support and hopefully get on top of things.

It was interesting going to the health centre to weigh her today. I realised it was the first time I've left the house since we got home. I don't know where that time has gone and I wonder if it's contributing to my wonderland state. I barely have any idea what day it is or what time it is. So much so my husband and I both forgot to put the bins out last night so it's going to be rather stinky for the next week with all those nappies. But, as my husband said, luckily we don't live close to the bin. I just shrug my shoulders when these things happen. Such is life with a newborn - somethings just have to slide. Mind you, this is not a thing I want sliding regularly so I put a reminder into my phone. Yay technology!

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