Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dealing with a freaked out baby

Yesterday we had a severe storm roll over with loud thunder and lightening. I must admit I jumped a few times as the thunder hit and Sticky did too. Having a baby rolling around inside you is one thing - having one scared by thunder is another!

Sticky had a relatively busy day yesterday - by her new standards. While she's running out of room, still has plenty of wriggles and rolls throughout the day. Actually, it's becoming more like head butts and pokes but she's moving none the less. Come 3pm yesterday when the storm hit, her moves took on a whole new purpose.

The first few thunder claps were loud but not deafening but clearly loud enough for her to hear them. I felt a swift hit and a roll after each clap. It felt like she was trying to burrow into a corner of my belly to take shelter. As the claps got louder and louder, her moves got more violent. At the height of it, it felt like she was bouncing up and down and trying to escape. All I could do was rub my belly and tell her everything was ok. Of course it didn't really help because it's a bit hard to comfort a freaked out baby who has no idea of the meaning of the words she's hearing. I hoped just hearing my voice would help but it didn't. She didn't calm down until the thunder stopped.

It made me think of what will happen once she's here. As adults, we forget the first time we heard thunder and how scared we would have been. Yesterday's thunder was the loudest I'd heard in quite sometime so I can imagine when she does hear it for the first time, there will be screams and fear. At least then, I can comfort her when she's freaking out about it. 

But thunder won't be her only problem. From the moment she arrives, everything will be new. Every sight, smell, noise and sensation will be something she's never experienced. Even touching my skin for the first time, or being wrapped in a blanket will seem weird to her. I wonder if their little brains think about that. I wonder if she will look at us, hear our voices, recognise them and think "Oh, you're the ones that have been pestering me all this time." Actually, I like to think she'll pop out, look at me and think "Mum, this coming into the world business is pretty rough. I could really use a hug!"  

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