Friday, 10 January 2014

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday. Can you believe this is my 2nd last Friday post before Sticky arrives! The sand seems to be pouring through the hour glass!

Despite waking up feeling exhausted today, I know today is going to be a good day. As I sit here typing this, the electrician is putting in new power points into Sticky's room. This means I'll have somewhere to plug in my iPod speakers and play some relaxing music while we get our heads around breast feeding and other such things so I'm looking forward to that. It is the final step in completing the nursery!

I'm then heading out for a coffee with a friend before she moves away. I haven't seen her for      a few months so it will be lovely to catch up. And, it gives me an excuse to get out of the house which I relish right now. While I'm out, I'm going to go to the plant nursery and get some new fruit and vege plants. My husband ripped out the old garden, mulched it up and now we are ready for a new crop. I'm excited to plant all new plants because they'll be used in meals I haven't been able to eat for a while - with smoked salmon and the like!

Speaking of which, I'm also going to go the shops to stock up on food I want waiting for me for when I come home from hospital. I'm mostly hanging out for bacon and eggs with a runny centre but one of my first dinners will be a prosciutto, Gorgonzola and fig pizza! I drool just thinking about it so by the end of today, Gorgonzola and prosciutto will once again live in my fridge!

Then, to top it off, my husband and I are going out for our last dinner as a duo tonight. I tried 3 restaurants before I found one that wasn't still closed for holidays. I tossed up whether I wanted to wait to next week to go to the one I really wanted but I decided not to. I don't want  to miss out on the opportunity in case Sticky comes early.

I'm using the weekend to finish off some washing and pack the last few things into my hospital bag. I figure it's better to do it while I'm still relatively calm, rather than trying to next weekend when I'm likely to be a crazed and bewildered fool. My mum is coming to stay this weekend to help me so we'll do some gardening, dust the whole house and wash all the window screens. Well, her and my husband will do those things. I'll supervise and make coffee! 

Right now, I'm feeling quiet and calm. It's most likely the calm before the storm but I plan on holding onto it for as long as I can. I know everything is done. I know everything is in its place. I know we are ready. I just hope Sticky is ready for us!

Have a great weekend all! 

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