Monday, 7 January 2013

Kick starting the baby dream

Moving full steam ahead from my mantra, I’ve decided to take a proactive approach and get this baby thing happening. First stop is the homeopath to try the Liz Lalor Fertility Program. At this point in time, I figure I have nothing to lose!

I heard about this program from a few women on one of the community forums I’m on. Quite a few credit  it for their baby success. When I mentioned it to a friend, she told me some of the women in her mother’s group had also fallen pregnant on it. I decided I needed to give it serious consideration.
I did some research and found this clip where Liz Lalor describes the program.

She describes a lot of the problems I have so I took it as a sign. I figured time waits for no woman, so I found the homeopath the women on the forum recommended and booked myself in. Luckily, they can fit me in this Friday so I feel great that I’ve taken a proactive step!
As I said in my mantra, I want to move forward with propulsion rather than procrastination. The frustrating part of trying to fall pregnant is the lack of control you have over the process, so if there is something you can do to help the process along, why not give it a crack?  
Of course the problem with homeopathic remedies is people’s negative views of them – as my husband said, “It’s all hocus pocus.” I think a lot of people struggle with the concept as they have no idea about it. My husband suddenly became worried about the cost of it, assuming it would be  thousands of dollars! I told him it’s a few pills, not plastic surgery!
The statistics say that 87% of women fall pregnant by the 4th cycle, so assuming it takes the 4 cycles, the cost would be about $650. Even less if you have private medical insurance. So I figure it’s not a lot of money to spend, even if it doesn’t work!
Yesterday, I told my husband I had decided to go ahead with it and would appreciate it if he could support me. I told him I understood he didn’t believe in it but, instead of being negative, he could say to himself, “I don’t believe in this but I appreciate Fiona does and I can respect her beliefs without trashing them.” He agreed, embarrassed by his previous comments, and we left it at that!
I think it’s taken me this long after the miscarriage to be ready to take a step forward in achieving my baby dream. It’s funny timing as we’re in the process of trying this week, but I find myself not really caring if I fall pregnant or not. Of course it would be nice, but I feel much more at peace knowing I have this as my safety net if it doesn’t happen naturally. I also feel enormously happy that I’ve just made the decision to do it!
To be honest, I told my husband that I would love to be 12 weeks pregnant, or at least pregnant by Peanut’s due date which would have been May 23rd. If I’m one of the lucky 87% I will be and that fills me with enormous happiness. I cannot wait to start this new journey!
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