Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Top 10 Baby Names for 2012!

Queensland’s Top 10 Baby Names for 2012 are in. Have a guess what cracked number one? You may be surprised to know it wasn’t Americus for a girl or Exodus for a boy. But don’t laugh, those were in the list for the Weirdest Names of 2012!

The old adage of “What’s in a name?” has stood the test of time. We all know someone who has a weird name – my personal favourite was twins I looked after called Harley and Davidson! Brilliant! But clearly, there’s a lot in a name if you don’t like the one you were given!  

Your name is your identity. It sets you up for your journey in life. It can determine your success. It can make it easy for people to like you, tease you or bully you. I know – being overweight as a child “Fat Fiona” just rolled off everyone’s tongues!

Given my husband and I have been talking about baby names, I was interested to see the Top 10 Baby Names for 2012.

Girls                                                                Boys
1.  Ruby                                                          1. Jack
2. Charlotte                                                    2. Cooper
3. Sophie                                                        3. William
4. Chloe                                                          4. Noah
5. Isabella                                                       5. Oliver
6. Amelia                                                        6. Ethan
7. Mia                                                              7. Lachlan
8. Emily                                                           8. Thomas
9. Ava                                                              9. Liam
10. Olivia                                                        10. James

It’s interesting to read these – I only had Ruby and Ethan on my list but after reading this, I scrapped them. My husband doesn’t understand my aversion to calling our child a common name but I’ve never wanted it. I thought I was so special at primary school as I had never met another Fiona. At high school, there were 5 of us in my grade and none of us ever knew which one of us someone was talking about. I don’t want my child to just blend into the crowd – I want them to stand out!

Mind you, I don’t want them to stand out so much that they are ridiculed by everyone they ever meet. I fear that will happen to the children named the horrific names on the Weirdest Names of 2012 list. If my child comes home one day and asks if Juju, Shoog, Google and Navaryous can come over and play, and I say “Alright Popeye, as long as you let your sister Vinique play with you,” send me to bad Mother jail! 

Image by Grant Cochrane
Couresty of www.freedigitalphotos.net

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