Thursday, 16 May 2013

Acupuncture arsenal

I did my first round of acupuncture today. So not only have I collected another troop to fight in my war against infertility, but for the first time, I’ve found one who seems to have some plausible answers to my problems!

The majority of my session was explaining my complicated history. As I listened to the words come out of my mouth, I realised how ridiculous my story sounds. The problems just spilled out like lava and yes, it did feel like I was overflowing. It made me hope even harder that I fall pregnant soon because I’m really over having to tell each new specialist the whole story.

However, the good thing about telling her the whole story was it provided her with information to ask more specific questions. She believes that my ongoing cramps and discharge are part of my circulation problems. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but I have terrible circulation. I often get severe cramps in my calves and often have pains in my wrist that feel like the blood is trying to get through my veins. This, coupled with the fact I bruise easily, points to a possible cause.

Everything she said made sense. She drew a picture outlining the reproductive system and explained how the layers of blood work from the blood stream to uterus. Basically, the layers that are closest to the blood supply are the strongest. The ones further away are weaker and hold the “dead” blood. When you fall pregnant, the embryo sits in these weaker layers until it grows the umbilical cord and connects to the blood supply. So clearly, we want it sitting in a layer of super red, super rich blood!

So the plan of attack was to work on my uterus, increasing the blood flow and circulation and reducing the anxiety and stress levels. I had needles put into my head, both hands, both feet and my stomach. I sat there for 30mins feeling like a voodoo doll but it didn’t hurt. I could just feel pressure in the counteracting pressure points to where the needles were.

I’ve been put on chinese herbal drops and a relaxant to help me sleep better. It’s more pills but I’m ok with that. I’m throwing myself into it because I believe what she says. And, I appreciate that she showed genuine interest and care in what I was experiencing. I could tell she was a fighter, like me. She’s bought out her arsenal and we’re ready to use all of our artillery to win this war.     

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