Friday, 17 May 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday everyone. I have to say this is my most favourite Friday of the year so far. Why? Because it’s only 2 more sleeps until I go away. Woo hoo! But, back to task. What makes today fabulous? – improvement, hecticness and survival.

Improvement – While I felt a bit weird after my acupuncture appointment yesterday, I am feeling much better today. I still have some weird sensations but overall, I feel better. The past few weeks have been tough. I’ve had to deal with all the emotional stuff, work being hectic and organising different elements of my life. The high levels of stress and anxiety I’ve been feeling have taken their toll on my body. I’ve had headaches, pains, cramps, aches and the feeling of a tonne of bricks sitting on my right shoulder. Today is the best I’ve felt in about 5 weeks. I’m very glad I can notice the difference!

Hecticness – Work has been extra crazy this week. I’ve been doing 9 hour days and not getting home until 7pm. While I’m not happy about getting home so late, I am thankful for the hecticness because it’s given my mind something else to think about other than Peanut. Mind you, I just had to endure a maternity leave morning tea, and listen to women sitting around saying how wonderful newborns are, but I just blocked it!

Survival – I survived this week. I didn’t breakdown in tears once. They certainly threatened on a few occasions but I made it! While it certainly hasn’t been easy, I wonder if part of me made it out to be a bigger deal than it was. Or, maybe it’s just time has healed the wounds a bit. Either way, I’m proud of myself for surviving. I’m proud of myself for seeking out the extra help I needed. And I’m proud of myself for talking to Peanut and asking him for strength when I most needed it. What a good little boy he is helping out his Mummy!

In a separate note, tomorrow marks 100 days of me undergoing fertility treatments. To commemorate the event, I’ve put together an E-book of some of my posts over that time. Make sure you come back tomorrow to check it out!

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  1. Fabulous Friday indeed! Lots of love sent your way. Congrats on making it 100 days. Safe travels, have fun and remember to live in the moment.



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