Friday, 31 May 2013

Fabulous Friday

I had a post in my head ready to go until I remembered today was Fabulous Friday. Gosh, I give myself 1 week off and I’m off with the fairies. Baby brain kicking in perhaps! But, I remembered so here’s what makes today Fabulous – BBQ Shapes, floral pants and success.

BBQ Shapes – Yesterday afternoon I had my worse case of nausea to date. It was one of those horrible afternoons where I got stuck at work late, walked to the train station in the rain, realised I left my train pass on my desk, had to walk up the stairs to buy a ticket, then walk back to the platform. It doesn’t sound like much but it exhausted me. My husband worked from home so I decided to catch the express train that stopped one stop before ours and got him to pick me up.

In the train, the wave of nausea hit. I chewed on my ginger trying to keep it at bay but it progressively got worse. I got off the train feeling woozie and waited for my husband. He texted me to say he was on the other end of the station so I had to walk to the other side. Again, it exhausted me.

He said there was bad traffic so wanted to drive the longer way home to avoid it. He ended up taking a wrong turn and what should have been a 5 minute car ride ended up being 25 minutes. When you feel like you want to puke, being in a car for any longer than you have to is not a good thing.

I asked him to take me to the shops because I needed something salty – BBQ Shapes. For our international readers, BBQ Shapes are an Australian icon – small cracker like biscuits that are full of salt, fat, preservatives and colourings. Everything a pregnant woman on the verge of vomiting needs. I bought 2 packs – just in case.

I immediately ripped open the packet as my husband drove home. I tried to eat them slowly because I have been known to devour a whole packet – and at 1 million grams of fat a packet (ok maybe a slight exaggeration) they are definitely not good for you and have 0 nutritional value. I didn’t care, I just wanted the salt. In the 5 minute ride home from the shop, I think I had 9 and luckily had the will power to stop there. It was instant relief!

Don’t get me wrong,  I’m happy to have the nausea. It means Sticky is growing strong. But that feeling of potentially vomiting when you can’t, and really don’t want to, is quite horrible. If this is going to happen for the next 6 to 7 weeks than BBQ Shapes and I will become the best of friends!

Floral pants – So not only has the nausea kicked in, but the bloating has too. This morning, my stomach was so distended I looked like I was 16 weeks pregnant already. It would be nice to skip ahead that far but that isn’t going to happen. Luckily, I had been prepared for this moment and bought myself new pants at the start of the week. They are black floral pants so a bit larey, and not my normal style, but I really liked the colours. And, they are stretchy, and they were only $50! So if I only wear them for the next few weeks I don’t care. But today, they are super comfy and not putting pressure on my tummy so they are fabulous!

Success – Today, I got two good news pregnancy stories that have filled me with hope and lifted my spirits. Both friends have lost babies and have had a very painful and difficult roads to achieve their dream of Motherhood. One is now 16 weeks pregnant and the other had 2 embryos implanted after a very long and draining IVF cycle.

I am so inspired by these women’s bravery and dedication to achieving their dream. They have both suffered, endured and survived so much. They could have easily shelved their baby dreams because it was just too hard, but no, they refused to give up. I am so proud of both them for stepping up to have another hit. 

In the end, our fears will either keep us still or push us forward and these women were brave enough to go forward. It makes me think I can be brave enough to keep going forward too. Afterall, if bravery and determination are values I want to teach Sticky, I better start by being a good role model!

Have a Fabulous Friday all! 

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