Monday, 19 August 2013

17 weeks pregnant

I’m 17 weeks today which means Sticky can now hear what’s going on around her. Poor thing – that means she’ll now hear my terrible singing but seeming as I sing a lot, she’d best get use to it!

I have been feeling a few changes of late which are small, but have all made themselves apparent at the same time. Hair - It’s growing out of control and when I say hair, I mean every single hair on my body. I went to the hairdresser and had to ask her to cut it extra short as it’s been growing so quickly. She told me that in pregnancy, your hair doesn’t fall out which is the reason it looks so thick. I don’t care about that, but needing a hair cut every 3 weeks is a joke!

As a result, I am resigning myself to the fact that I may have to spend summer looking like a Yetti. It won’t be too long before bending down to shave my legs is not an option so I might have to teach my husband how to do it!

Headaches – Normally I get them because I’m tired but I’ve been sleeping pretty well lately. Mind you, I’m still not getting to sleep until 11pm and normally get about 7 to 8 hours sleep a night. Maybe it’s not enough but I can’t seem to get to bed earlier.

Thirst – I’ve been constantly thirsty the last few days. I must be a bit dehydrated because I’ve increased the amount of water I’ve been drinking but this hasn’t made me go to the toilet more. It could be a result of the increase in blood flow which makes me hotter, who knows. Either way, I’m starting to feel like a camel!

Baby brain – I’m forgetting things left, right and centre. And not just forgetting but getting words mixed up. It’s really frustrating because sometimes I literally cannot think of the words I want to say and just give up in frustration. Maybe that’s what’s creating the headaches – the fact my brain has to think so much harder!

Speaking of change, this is the fabulous change table my Dad and brother made me. I designed it to my own specifications so I wouldn’t have to bend down when changing nappies. My back problems mean I’ll have to have custom designed furniture as they just don’t make things for those that can’t bend! I was truly touched by the workmanship and love they put into making it. This will be a piece of furniture I’ll have forever, and maybe my grandchildren will have their nappies changed on it too! 

Upon seeing it, my first reaction was “Please God, let Sticky get here safely so she can see this beautiful masterpiece.” I’m so proud to show it off but at the same time scared that something might go wrong. I’m doing my best to push out the negative thoughts and imagine myself changing Sticky on it. I can’t wait!

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