Friday, 2 August 2013

Fabulous Friday

Aloha to Fabulous Friday all. I hope you’re having as Fabulous a day as what I am. Despite being tired, flat strapped at work and feeling a little off colour, the day is still great! One must embrace these moments when they arrive as they are so fleeting!

Why am I so jolly you ask? Well, my bassinette is up. After washing and ironing it, my husband and I had a dumb and dumber moment putting it back together again but we did it. We both stood there looking at it, imaging Sticky lying in it. It was a totally “Ohhhhh” moment. I can’t want until we bring Sticky home and put her into her new bed.

I’m also feeling fabulous about being able to talk about the pregnancy at work. It’s nice that people are asking me how I am and wanting to ask questions about it. The news has travelled like wild fire and I’m getting calls from people across the organisation who have heard about it. It’s made me very glad that I kept it to myself until I was ready to share.

My husband is also being fabulous. He’s taken to coming up and hugging me and just rubbing my belly. He does this little sneaky “hee hee hee”. When I asked him what he was sniggering about, he said “I get to rub your belly.” He’s also taken to telling me “I don’t want you doing that in your condition.” While I love the protectiveness, I know it will drive me nuts!.

I already have people telling me to sit down, don’t lift things, don’t move too quickly etc. etc. You feel like you’re a total invalid when pregnant. For the moment, I’m in love with everyone caring. I know that love will be short-lived and it won’t be long before I’m telling people to shut up and I’ll do what I want. That will be Little Miss Independent talking. I’ve never been one to be told what to do!

And my last fabulous thing is I’m doing my first market stall tomorrow selling my handbags. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve worked really hard to make everything for it and it’s helped to manage my anxiety about the pregnancy. I don’t think I’ll be able to do too many more before the baby comes so I’ve decided to just enjoy this experience in case it’s my only chance. Here’s hoping I sell out!

Have a great weekend all!

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