Friday, 23 August 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday all. My day has been crazy busy so only a short and sweet one today, but I couldn't let Fabulous Friday go without posting something!

What's fabulous about today is the fact it's Friday. Every Monday, I start the week thinking it's going to be so slow. I always think the week will drag and it will feel like forever before I reach the next milestone. But, the past few weeks have gone so quickly that I'm starting to wonder if this pregnancy will pass me by.

Part of me wishes it would. That's the part of me that screamed in pain last night when the stabbing pain in my abdomen was so bad I collapsed on the bed. It's also the part of me that has struggled with a sore back and stuffed nose all afternoon. But the Mother part of me wishes life would be a bit slower. That's the part of me that's still freaked out about the fact I'm going to be a mother. That's the part of me who feels anxious everytime my husband asks me how I want to set up the nursery. That's the part of me that needs more time.

In the end I'm torn. I think I'd like a happy medium of the first 20 weeks going fast and the second going slow. I highly doubt that will happen so for today I'll just be happy my first wish is coming true!

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