Friday, 9 August 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday all. I don’t know about you but this week has gone ridiculously fast. Which is totally fine with me. One of the things that makes today so fabulous is the fact Friday is already here!

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling quite happy. I’ve been skipping around, whistling a happy tune, and just enjoying life. It took me a while to realise it, but I think I’m experiencing that weird phenomena called the pregnancy glow! I don’t actually feel like I’m glowing, but I’m feeling much more energetic, less painful and more relaxed. It surprises me given this week has produced the most bouts of nausea I’ve ever experienced in a week, but I’ve just rolled with it.

I think I’m also happier because I’m finally fitting into maternity clothes. You’ll see in the photo that the difference between 13 and 15.5 weeks is barely discernable, but, it’s a huge difference to me. You can see the change in my hips and the expansion of my upper abdomen. Again, it’s not enough that people would even bother asking if I’m pregnant, but it’s enough to have pushed me into maternity clothes and the next size up in underwear and tights. What a difference 2 weeks makes! I’m interested to see what the weight difference in those 2 weeks is but I dare not get on the scales for fear of ruining my good mood!

The other fabulous thing about this week is I’m starting to feel excited for the first time. Up until now, my main emotion has been fear but that’s been gradually decreasing since the 12 week scan. Little things have chipped away at it including ongoing nausea and getting bigger. I think I just needed those things to reassure me everything was going well. I’m finally starting to accept that I am going to have a baby. There is still some fear there but excitement is the main emotion now. Well, excitement and the start of panic!

I think of everything we have to do – attend hospital and breastfeeding classes, sort out the nursery, buy a new car and pram, reorganise wardrobe space etc. etc. I’m putting all of this off until I’m 20 weeks and know the sex, as that will determine what baby clothes make it in and which end up being stored away. So, I have another few weeks before  I have to deal with it all, but I’m starting to worry it will all need to be done at once. But, I’m also excited about doing all of that.

I think what’s most fabulous about this week is knowing that come Monday, I’m 16 weeks/4 months. And that’s just 3.5 weeks until our next scan and 4 weeks until I hit the magic half way mark. Part of me hopes the next 3.5 weeks go as fast at this week did, and part of me hopes it doesn’t. Actually, if I can have my way, I’d like the next 3.5 weeks to go at warp speed and then everything can slow down a bit so I have time to sort myself out. Time gods, if you could manage that, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Have a great weekend all!

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