Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fur babies

Just as I suspected, my cat found the bassinette. Hence why we were smart enough to cover it. I know lots of people call their dogs and cats their "fur babies" but I've never been one of these people!

I've read articles about preparing your pets for when you bring the baby home. Such things as playing the noise of a crying baby to get them use to it and sneaking out the baby blanket from hospital so they can smell it. I understand the thoughts behind it but don't think we'll be wasting any time doing that.

Basically, our cat hates children. Actually, I'm not sure he hates children, I think he is just freaked by little people. The minute a child comes into our house he runs for the hills, or a box, or somewhere outside far, far, away. I don't know where this instant fear has come from. He's never spent time around children or been tormented by one. Maybe he was in a past life and is haunted by it!

I am concerned that he spends alot of time in what will be the nursery. I am conscious of keeping him out of the room to make sure he doesn't try to jump into the bassinette  while Sticky is in it. I don't fancy walking into the room to see that! So I know I'm going to have a challenge on my hand. It's fine for my husband and I to deal with the fact our normal routine will be disrupted but you can't really reason with a cat. 

Oh well, that will be something else we'll deal with at the time. If worse comes to worse though, I'm prepared to choose Sticky over the cat! Here's hoping it doesn't come to that though!

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