Tuesday, 20 August 2013

As the weeks go by

Assuming Sticky doesn’t come early, her arrival is 149 days away. It seems like a long time but I now have a list of events to help me break it up. I’ve got about 21 weeks to go and weeks seem far less daunting than days so I’m sticking with that!

In 1 week I have my next obstetrician appointment. I think this 4 week stint between appointments will be the longest because I should feel more kicks as the weeks go by which will help put my mind at ease that everything is ok. I know I had my freak out about it but I’ve managed pretty well considering.

In 2 weeks I have my 19 week scan where we’ll hopefully have the sex confirmed. I’m beyond excited about this scan and seeing Sticky again. She was so funny last time I can’t wait to see what antics she has in store for us at this one. But, at the same time I’ll be a bit sad. Assuming everything goes well for the rest of the pregnancy, this will be out last scan. I’ll then have to wait until Sticky comes into the world to see her again.

In 3 weeks I’ll be going on my Babymoon. My husband and I are heading off for 3 nights at the beach. We’re going to Rainbow Beach which is famous for it’s coloured sands and beaches and feeding wild dolphins. That should be cool!

When I return, I’ll only have 13 weeks left of work. Wow, that’s not long at all. I’m hoping the break will be a chance to recharge my batteries so I can manage that last stint. It will be the last 13 weeks of full time work I have for a few years so I’m excited to see the back of it.

Then, I’ll only have 5 weeks until Sticky arrives. That’s enough time to get through Christmas, finish getting the house ready  and enjoy the last peace and quiet I’ll have in the house for several years. Quiet, and the fact I can go to the bathroom by myself. I know it will be a long time before I can do that again!

So, when I think of it like that, it’s actually not that far away. These milestones are all spread out rather nicely so there isn’t anything too scary looming ahead of me. It feels like I’ve created a list that I can tick off as I make my way through. Oh, I just had a tummy swirl. Good Sticky! 

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