Thursday, 10 April 2014

Baby talk

When I was learning Italian, everyone told me that one day it would just click, and it did. Funnily enough, learning baby talk has been the same. This week, it's just clicked!

I don't know if Sticky has got better at communicating, or I've got better at listening, but all of a sudden, I can understand everything she's telling me. I now know when she's hungry, tiered, bored, over stimulated or wants a hug. It makes life so much easier!

I was doing pretty well knowing when she was hungry, but this week she started sucking on her fist and pursing her lips which means feed me. When she's tiered, she grizzles for a few seconds before crying. As soon as I put her in her swaddle she stops because she knows she's going to bed.

When she's over stimulated she turns her face away with a humph. It's almost like she's saying you no longer amuse me! And, when she wants a hug, she does a waaa sounding cry that almost sounds like she's saying ma. I know to immediately take her out of the situation, cuddle her to my chest and give her a few reassuring pats. 

As a result of her communicating better, and me understanding better, it means I can respond to her needs much quicker. Before hand, it would be a process of trial and error to figure it out, now, I can respond immediately. This makes her a happier and more contented baby, and funnily, a sleepier baby. Last night she slept through from 9pm to 6am and today from 10am to 2pm. It's a win win all round!

Everyone tells you babies have different cries for things and will let you know what's wrong. I always believed Sticky and I would find some way to communicate but I wasn't sure I would understand what she was saying. Well, just like Italian, I've had to practice a lot, learn what the different words mean and finally it's clicked! I think Sticky is happier because I can finally understand her and let's face it, all any of us want in life is to be heard and understood! 

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