Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Rolling with the punches

I got a call from work yesterday afternoon asking me to come to a meeting on Wednesday. You know it's never good news when work calls you while you're on leave and it wasn't.

The powers that be have been reviewing my team's role for over 6 months now as part of an overall restructure. There has already been significant job losses so I'm assuming we're in for more. I did know this was coming and feared I wouldn't have a job to go back to. However, knowing it and preparing for it are two different things.

Tomorrow's meeting is so we can find out our fate. I'm trying to remain calm until I know what the situation is. My husband tells me there's no point worrying until we know what the situation is, and he's right, however my brain doesn't work like that. I am worried about not having a job to go back to, possibly having to find a new job, getting child care and being forced to go back to work full time. My mind is already 5 steps ahead!

The prospect of being a stay at home Mum does not appeal to me. But, maybe it would if I had a business to do. I could be a work from home Mum but I wonder if I have the energy to do that or, an idea for a business I can make money from. It's a curve ball that's a little hard to focus on with a 12 week old!

I do know that whatever happens will be the right thing. I learnt along time ago the job gods look after me. I think I'm just feeling nervous about the prospect of being jobless for the first time in nearly 25 years! That really doesn't sit well with me. Big breaths until tomorrow!

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