Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wonder Week #3

Somewhere in the craziness of the past 10 days Sticky had her 3rd Wonder Week. I didn't notice it as much as the previous 2 but I can certainly see the results!

One sure fire sign Sticky is in her Wonder Week is disrupted sleep and going back to night feeds. She had a few 3am feeds last week that have now gone back to 5am feeds. I wasn't sure if they were due to a Wonder Week, having to sleep in the porta cot or just being jostled about. Either way, we survived!

She's taken some big steps this Wonder Week - she's giggling and talking more, opening her fists, lifting herself up on her arms when she's on her tummy, rolling from side to side and has nearly mastered her head control. She's also able to entertain herself much longer so I can leave her in the bouncer from anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour which is a blessing as it allows me to do simple tasks like having a shower or making dinner!

I've also noticed she's at the stage where she's becoming less comfortable with people she doesn't know. She loves her grandparents and uncles and saves her smiles and giggles for them. But, I now see her looking very nervous when a stranger is holding her or talking to her and she searches for me much faster than she used to. Yesterday was the first time I heard her cry wanting to be passed back to me.

Mind you, we attended my Grandmother's funeral yesterday and she was the hit of the show. Everyone wanted to come and see the beautiful Great Grandchild my Grandmother had hung on to meet. Poor Sticky had so many strange fingers wanting to touch her and arms trying to hold her. It became so overwhelming for her that we had to put her in her pram and cover her up to hide her away. There's only so much a 13 week old can bare! In saying that, she bared a lot! 

She did remarkably well and everyone commented on how well behaved she was. I'd like to take credit but I don't really think I can. It's not like I've taught her how to behave in public at this stage, I'm just blessed with a contented, happy and peaceful baby. And for that I'm enormously grateful!

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