Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Remembering to breathe

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. Sadly, my Grandmother passed away last Thursday so life has been hectic to say the least. This is the first time I've had a chance to sit and breathe in silence since then.

Life is always difficult when a much beloved member of the family passes away. People experience grief in such different ways and it's often hard to deal with your own grief, let alone everyone else's.

We came back to my parents' house last Thursday and will head home tomorrow after the memorial service. I must say I'm looking forward to getting home. Trying to help out by doing the cooking and cleaning, making a photo tribute, editing my Father's speech and playing peace maker, all while managing a 13 week old has been draining to say the least. 

In saying that, doing those things has also provided an opportunity to hear more stories about my Grandmother, laugh over memories and celebrate her life. That has been wonderful!

Sticky of course has taken it all in her stride. She's lapped up all the extra attention and played a valuable role in bringing a smile to everyone's face in this difficult time. I'm not surprised she has. She inherited my Grandmother's name as her middle name and is already starting to show similar traits. Being able to put a smile on people's faces was definitely one of them!

Tomorrow will be difficult but I know we will get it through it. I'm glad I have my little bundle to sit on my knee to hear the wonderful things that will be said about her Great Grandmother. Even though they only knew each other for 12 weeks, they seemed like kindred spirits and I'm very glad Sticky now has another angel to watch over her!

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