Sunday, 10 February 2013

The egg reserve tests are in!

I finally got the blood test results back for my egg reserve test – no surprises, my supply is drying up! Clearly, it’s time to ramp up this baby business!

The test is called an anti-mullerian hormone test and it tests your egg reserves – basically, an indication of how many eggs you have left. We are all born with our life supply of eggs and we gradually lose them through ovulation and natural death until we run out = menopause. It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that the number of eggs, and their quality, starts to run out in your mid-30’s = infertility issues.

So my levels were 10.9 which doesn’t mean too much on their own – just that I’m in the lower group. This is totally normal for my age and just shows that my eggs are reducing in number. However, the doctor said it also indicates that I might not be ovulating every month. This was news to me!

The doctor told me not to worry though as the test was not conclusive – they combine these results with the follicle stimulating hormone results, and progesterone results to get an indication of your overall fertility levels. So my tests show that I do ovulate, my body doesn’t have to work too hard to ovulate and there are eggs there to release. All good things! However, the realisation that I might not ovulate every month has forced us into action.

I’ve now booked in to see a fertility specialist in 2 weeks time. I think it’s time to trek down the clomid path so we can make sure I do ovulate. I’ve decided to combine that, with my homeopathic program so we can cover all bases. I figure between the two, it should only be a matter of time before I am with child once more. Of course, we will continue to keep trying in the mean time, but it’s clearly time to start moving things along.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing the fertility specialist. I finally feel like my cycle is starting to get back on track, although it’s much different, but I’m starting to learn how it operates now. There are clearly some issues that remain from the miscarriage which have been playing on mind, so I feel more relaxed at having those seen too as well. While I don’t have the eggs of a 20 year old, I’m also not barren, so the baby dream remains alive. Yay for egg reserves!


  1. Good news! I wish you the best on your fertility journey. It is amazing all we learn about our bodies during these processes. Our bodies are a complicated yet amazing thing as is science. I'm so grateful for science and how far it's come. Just think of how those women with infertility hundreds or thousands of years ago must have felt and there were no doctors or tests for them to seek answers from. We may not get all the answers we want now but we have sure come a long way both in science and support for women in these situations.

  2. Thanks Robin, yes, it's truly amazing what can be done these days. I think alot of people just think infertility is something that's just popped up but clearly these issues have been plaguing women for centuries. Mind you, they plagued men too but the women were blamed for it, but that's another story! :)



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