Monday, 4 February 2013

The Top 10 songs to get you in the mood

Happy Monday all - welcome to February! I can't believe we're here already. I thought I'd start the week with a bit of frivolity - Spotify recently commissioned a study to find out the most popular songs to get people in the mood. There were some interesting choices!

I can’t say I’m one to use music to get into the mood but I certainly know people who do. I remember one guy I dated who always use to play a Maxwell cd to set the mood but I would always ruin it by laughing at how sexy-smooth and over the top the music was! Clearly, I’m not the target audience for this study. None the less, I was interested in the results!

1. Sexual healing by Marvin Gaye – I’m not at all surprised this would be number 1. The title says it all! 

2. Lets get it on by Marvin Gaye – again, Marvin using creative titles to make it abundantly clear what his main message was. I wonder if people who choose these two top songs just played the Best of Marvin Gaye!

3. Anything by Barry White – this is rather broad but we all know the Barry sound and how women apparently swoon at the songs. He’s a crooner all right but I’m not sure if the image of a fat sweaty man dabbing his brow is one to create romance!

4. Je t'aime by Serge Gainsbourg – yes, I had no idea what this song was either until I played it on Itunes – you’ll only need to hear a snippet to recognise it. Traditionally, the French are the leaders in all things romance but is it romantic to play a song where you only know what two words mean? Oh and that is Je t’aime which means I love you.

5. Sex on fire by Kings of Leon – I always thought this song was about a sexually transmitted disease? I’m not sure that’s a thought you want before falling into bed with someone.

6. You sexy thing by Hot Chocolate – I agree this is a great song but I can’t help but think of the chorus – “I believe in miracles, where you’ve been, you sexy thing.” Is the miracle that one of you is finally getting laid? I don’t know but it begs the question!

7. Bolero by Ravel – A classical music piece that I had to be reminded of. Again, you’ll recognise it as soon as you hear it. I’m not quite sure how a song with no words gets one into the mood but perhaps it has something to do with the rising crescendos!

8. I'll make love to you by Boys 2 Men – This seems to be the most logical to me. The words were written with the ladies in mind although “I’ll make love to you, like you want me to,” can set a guy up for a fall if he’s a bit of a dud!

9.  Lady in red by Chris de Burgh – I don’t think there is a music survey in history that hasn’t included this one on it. It’s very old school and I don’t think it’s one the 20 year olds would be using but for the more mature ones, it’s a classic. Mind you, I think I’d be distracted by feeling like I had to sing the chorus at the top of my lungs bad karaoke style!

10. Bump n grind by R. Kelly – Again, I had to head to Itunes for this one and it has to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. This is from the same man that sang “I believe I can fly”, but he seems to have moved on from flying to grinding. I can’t say there is anything about the prospect of “bumping and grinding” that would put me in the mood – if anything that would put me in traction and in need of a trip to the chiropractor!

This list made me laugh - perhaps I just look at these things too literally and know too many of the words to take it seriously. As I said, I’m clearly not the target market but if there’s a song that gets you in the mood please feel free to share it. I’d like to think there’s something more inspiring out there than these! If not, well turn your speakers on full bawl and get down to some bumping and grinding! 

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