Tuesday, 26 February 2013

To clomid or not to clomid? That is the question

Last night my body gave me all the signs my period was approaching. I decided it was time to have the clomid chat with my husband, expecting it to be a few days before I had to start it, if we started it. I wanted this to be a decision we made together so when we got into bed I asked the question – do we clomid or not?

I told my husband that I didn’t know why this seemed like a hard decision. It’s not like taking it is going to cause any damage – other than potential side effects. Mind you, I’ve heard they include hot flushes, miagraines, mood swings and depression, and they can be quite severe. But that all seems like a small price to pay to me.

Our conversation went as follows:

Me - “If I’m not pregnant now, and I don’t fall pregnant next month, it means we won’t have a baby this year. We were meant to have a baby this year so I really want to try and make that happen. We only have one more shot, otherwise it won’t be til next year.” 

Husband - “Well, get on that shit baby.”

Me – “Are you sure given we could end up with twins? It will be hard enough to get 1 spot for childcare let alone 2. We might have to pay my Mum to come and be a nanny.”

Husband – “I wouldn’t tell you to get on the shit if I wasn’t ok with it.”

My husband – he’s so eloquent! I didn’t realise I had been holding onto the thought of timing but I’m not surprised. I’m not a patient person at the best of times, so this whole pregnancy journey has been a massive test for me. The thought of having a baby this year is bearable to me, but the thought of having to wait all year to have a baby next year, seems tortuous. I’ve learnt you can’t plan these things and you can’t hurry them – they will happen in their own sweet time. But I see no reason why you can’t give it a little nudge so rather than poking it with a stick to push it along, I’ll poke it with a bit of clomid!

It’s funny that as I soon as we agreed, the questions came into my head. A friend told me she was put on clomid after having her ovarian cyst removed because it can cause cysts to grow. That’s something  to keep an eye on. I then wondered if I needed to take it day 3 to 7 of my cycle or day 5 to 9 given I ovulate later. Hmm, the specialist definitely said day 3 so I guess I’ll stick with that.

So now I’m all ready to go. I’m a little nervous about the possible side effects and the fact I could end up having daily blood tests, but I’m not too bothered. I’ve got the blood test process down pat now – and tip for those that are queasy with needles like me – when they stick the needle in, wiggle your toes and count backwards from 100 and you don’t feel a thing! Now, I just need my period to actually turn up. Given it’s been a bit of an emotional process to come to this decision, I won't be surprised if I am pregnant now! I’m not putting any money on it though!   

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about wanting a baby this year verses the following. It seems like I am doing the math all the time to fit in another try so I have the baby the same year. I don't understand why but it really is a big deal. It feels like forever if it falls into even Jan or Feb of the next year. I used to try and plan for a fall or spring baby and try to avoid the holidays. At this point I'd be happy whenever it fell. I'm not that picky anymore.

    Thanks for the tip about getting blood drawn. I'm definitely trying that next time. When I start my next cycle there will be plenty of blood draws so I can't wait to see how it works. I hate needles.

    Lastly I hope you are pregnant now. ;) if not then I wish you the best with clomid. I've heard lots of success stories from others that have used it.

  2. Robin, I think it's always harder at the start of the year when thinking about when the baby would come. It means you have to wait until the end of the year and then into next and I think it's just the idea what seems so far away!

    I use to think it would be nice to have a winter baby so I wouldn't have to be pregnant through our long, hot summers. Now, I don't care! We had air conditioning put in and there's no pickiness left! Now I don't care when it happens so long as it happens!

    I hope the blood tip works. I was actually told it by a nurse who gave me a flu injection a few years ago and I didn't feel that all. I've been using it ever since and while you will feel the jab of the needle going in, it certainly gives you something else to think about. Especially when they do the fun blood tests where they take a few viles of blood!

    Thanks for your well wishes. I know a few people who have fallen pregnant on it too so I figure another weapon in our baby arsenal is a good thing!



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