Friday, 19 April 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Fabulous Friday everyone. What's fabulous about today is smiles, gratitude and hope.

Smiles - I bought these booties for a friend who needed a pick me up as she travels her own baby path. At the start of my journey I bought myself some booties to act as a good luck charm so I thought I'd do the same for her. I haven't been able to stop thinking about them so I went back to get myself a pair today. I'll put them on my bed head so I can see them clearly. You can't help but smile when you see them so it means no matter what's happened during the day, I'll go to bed with a smile on my face. 

Gratitude - I've only just got my first smart phone so am slowly being introduced to the world of apps. Yesterday I discovered a gratitude app which lets you record everything you're grateful for in the day. I've set an alarm to remind me every 6 hours. Over the months I will build up a list of all the things I am grateful for and can look back at it whenever the down moments hit. 

Hope - the last few days I've had really sore boobs. This isn't a big deal because I've had sore boobs through all my cycles since the miscarriage, but it always makes me wonder if I am pregnant. Normally, I tell myself not to get excited or be hopeful. Today, I choose to hope. Today I choose to be happy and excited by my hope. Today I choose to believe that this time it worked. If I'm not pregnant, then I'll be disappointed for a bit and then move on. But until then, I'm going to smile, have a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step. You never know, there could just be the tiniest little bean in there springing along with me. Today, I choose to be pregnant until proven otherwise!

I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday too!

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  1. I am hoping along with you! So glad you got yourself a pair of these booties. Lastly, I'll have to check out that gratitude app. That sounds neat. Off to start my Fabulous Friday! You have a great weekend!!!



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