Monday, 29 April 2013

This means war!

I have officially drawn a line in the sand. I no longer accept my state of non-pregnancy and it ends here. Changes need to be made. A plan of attack needs to be devised. War has been declared.

I am invading my infertility and bombing it into surrender. All of the great wars are won by cunning manoeuvres that take the enemy by surprise. Sometimes, the greatest battles are won by the smallest armies, but normally, the really big armies win the day. So that’s my plan – new manoeuvres and sending a bigger army into battle.

New manoeuvres –  I need to mix things up a bit so when that little egg comes shooting out it’s met with a few unexpected surprises. First will be a new lubricant. I’m starting to believe the Maybe Babye Sperm Gel may be a double spy – working for the enemy and secretly sabotaging my efforts. My fertility specialist said he didn’t think it was a problem but the obstetrician said there was no such thing as a sperm friendly lubricant. I’ve purchased a new one called Oracle Fertility so I’m hoping that might make a difference.

A bigger army – if I’m going to get this egg fertilised, I need as many of my husband’s troops there as possible. This is new approach is called SMEP – sperm meets egg plan. Basically, this method was  devised to assist women fall pregnant after having a miscarriage, but any woman trying to conceive can use it.

You start using ovulation prediction kits and have sex on day 8 of your cycle. You keep having sex every other day until you get a positive test. On the day you get your positive, you have sex that day, and the next 2 days in a row. You then skip a day, and have sex the next day. Given my cycle is now regular, this month should be:

-          Positive test on day 12
-          Have sex days 12,13,14
-          Rest up day 15
-          Have sex day 16.

This isn’t a major departure from what we’ve been doing. We’ve been having sex on days 12, 14 and 16 so this is really just adding an extra day into the mix. It doesn’t sound like much but sometimes just making the slightest improvement to your plan of attack can win you the war! 

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