Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Too many doctors spoil the baby making

The medical profession is wonderful. Some of us wouldn't have babies without them. But when you have so many medical people in your life, who  all play a part in your everyday living, what do you do when they have different opinions about things? Who do you put your trust in?

Currently, I have a GP, chiropractor, homeopath, fertility specialist and physio. They all come from different medical backgrounds and therefore have different opinions and interpretations of medical findings. Right now, they all have different views on my baby journey and I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the conflicting advice and information I’m getting.

First off, my GP tells me I have high bacteria levels and suggests it could be the reason for my discharge and possibly my cramps. I tell this to my homeopath who tells me it’s very likely the bacteria is stopping me from falling pregnant. I call my fertility specialist to speak to him about it and he says the bacteria would not be stopping me from falling pregnant because the uterus is self-cleaning and basically gets rid of any nasties every month. Also, the bacteria would not be getting high enough to impact my eggs or tubes. He also doesn’t think it’s likely that it would be causing my cramps.

So here we are – he said, she said kind of thing. I’m not interested in engaging in the “homeopaths are quacks and why do you listen to them” debate. I remain open to all medical approaches and trust that each member of my medical team has done the requisite training their profession requires. It just becomes difficult when you’re on such an emotional journey where you’re told one thing by someone, and the opposite by someone else.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter. Time will tell I guess. If I’m not pregnant this month, I will take the anti-bacterial  cream, have another swab and see if it’s cleared up. If it has cleared up, my discharge and cramps will either stop or not. If they stop great, if not then it’s back to the drawing board.

I’m beginning to get a little frustrated with the doctor’s approach of “here’s a pill to take when you get your cramps.” Last night, I was lying in bed with these stabbing cramps screaming in pain. At moments like those, I know exactly where I want to shove those little pills because clearly they are not working. To me, taking pills just masks the issue and I’m concerned the real problem will not be found and it scares me that it could impact another pregnancy. At least the homeopath is concerned about it and trying to find a remedy for it so I’m glad she’s in my corner.

For now, it’s all about patience. In 7 days I’ll know if I’m pregnant or not. If I’m not then I’ll take the anti bacterial cream and start the 3rd round of clomid. If I’m not pregnant after that I’ll start the 4th round. If I’m not pregnant after the 4th I’ll need a laparoscopy to see if there is any tube blockages and if the endometriosis they found a few years ago has returned.  I had a laparoscopy 3 years ago so that doesn’t bother me. Any procedure is better than the DNC!

The next treatment will depend on the outcome of the laparoscopy so could be insemination or straight to IVF. And there we go. That my friends is the next 3 months of my life mapped out. Part of me feels a little overwhelmed by all of that. Part of me hopes I just fall pregnant so I don’t have to worry about it all. And part of me is keen to get through it all so I can move onto something new. As some very wise friends informed me, I am only at the start of this journey so I’d better get prepared to put in a few more hard yards before I reach the end. Here’s hoping the finish line is at least in site. 

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