Friday, 21 December 2012

A word on chemical pregnancies

Ok, so who knew these things existed? These horrible sounding things referred to as "chemical pregnancies." I had never heard of this until I started reading some community forums and women were talking about their experiences of them. 

At the very heart of it, a chemical pregnancy is just another term for miscarriage. However, most people's definition of a miscarriage is knowing you have lost the baby sometime past the five week mark when you knew you were pregnant. A chemical pregnancy is when you loose the baby just days after conceiving meaning the fertilised egg never developed into an embryo. They normally happen around the same time, or just after your period was due. Alot of women never know they have miscarried, they just think their period was a bit late. But, given pregnancy tests can now detect a pregnancy up to 5 days before your period is due, it's devastating to know you were pregnant one day and not a few days later.

The general consensus on statistics is up to 50% of all pregnancies around the world end in some form of miscarriage. This is a staggering figure. Can you imagine what the world's population would be if all of these babies had been born? Perhaps its Mother's Nature's way of controlling the world's population but that doesn't help the women who have to experience it. 

I wanted to post a link here to provide more information but to be honest, I couldn't find a site that didn't offend me in someway. From being told "If you are trying to have a baby, reduce the chance of knowing you've had a chemical pregnancy by waiting until your periods are due before taking a pregnancy test," and "’s still an early miscarriage that some feel really bad about." Wow, thank you Captain Obvious! I'm pretty sure that any woman who knows she's had a miscarriage, whether early or not, is going to feel more than just "really bad" about it! And, as women trying to get pregnant, we want to know as soon as possible that it's happened so telling us to just wait until your periods come is not helpful! 

Ok, I admit I may be a little sensitive to this but I think the people who write these websites could consider their words a bit better! But, if you're after more information, just head to Google and put in chemical pregnancy and you'll get a raft of stuff. 

The reason I am posting this is for education and interests sake, not to scare you. We don't want to be going out there into "trying to conceive world" thinking every time we get our period we could have had a chemical pregnancy. No, it's more about knowing what the realm of miscarriage includes, and being amazed that so many different and painful things can happen to us. However, I trump that statement with the fact that so many amazing things happen to us too - like the fact we fell pregnant in the first place!

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