Saturday, 22 December 2012

Baby making apps - review of Ladytimer

For those of you trying to fall pregnant, I highly recommend this app. I came across it when I was first trying to fall pregnant, and now I'm back there, I'm relying on it again. I started using it as I came off the pill after 20 years and had no idea what my cycle would do. I thought it would be a good way to track it for a few months before we started trying. Well, it's become so much more than that!

What this ap does is track your cycle and tells you when you are likely to ovulate based on you entering your cycle's timeframes. If you're a control freak like me, you know the whole process of you falling pregnant relies on you having sex within your fertile window. This tells you when that window will be.

You can tick and flick the symptoms you are feeling so you can get to know the signs your body will show as it moves through the stages of your cycle. There are also sections to mark when you've had sex, write any notes and basically capture every part of your cycle. Having this information was enormously beneficial when I went to see the midwife in my first pregnancy. Now, I am back using it to track the return of my cycle and to keep note of what happens if I need to access fertility services later down the track.

To be honest, I think I may have some weird addiction to this ap. Everytime I notice my body doing something, I can't wait to grab my Ipad and enter it into the system. I think it's because each symptom represents my body taking another step to returning to normal and therefore, another step closer to falling pregnant again! I hope it brings you luck!

Here's a demo on how it works!

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