Monday, 17 December 2012

On the starting blocks...again!

I feel like I’ve been living at the obstetrician’s office of late. I’ve been three times in the last 10 days. I’ve now developed an intimate relationship with the internal scanning probe and I’m glad we’re on a first name basis given the delicate place this piece of plastic goes. I now refer to him as Probey. It’s not just Probey I’ve become friendly with, but the obstetrician too – Dr. P.
Dr. P. has pretty much thrown away all sense of formality now. I just get up on the table, take the bottom half of my clothes off, he lubes up the plastic probe and whooshka, in she goes! I don’t even bother taking my shoes off anymore! Sometimes I lie there wondering how this became my life, but it really doesn’t matter how I got here – I’m here!
Today, I went back for my third scan in 10 days. At the last scan, Probey showed there was one dominant follicle and it was 1.2 cm long. This scan showed the follicle had grown and I had ovulated. Dr. P. said “Well, you could be pregnant, good luck.”
I was a bit taken back as it sounded so final. I asked if he needed to see me again but he said “No, it looks like everything is happening so you don’t need me anymore.” I asked when I should come back and he said if I get pregnant 7 weeks and if not 6 to 12 months. Just the mention of 7 weeks sent a shiver up my spine as that's when I had the miscarriage. I started imagining the morning of going in for that scan and how nervous and anxious I would likely be. I'll need some time to work on that!
Dr. P. seems confident that my cycle is back to normal, and given it only took me 3 attempts to fall pregnant last time, it won’t take me long again. Unfortunately, I have too many stories in my head of other women who did struggle. However, I’m telling myself that if he seems confident, maybe I should be too!
It would be nice to feel confident as we’re now back on the starting blocks. I guess part of me remembers last time we were here and I feel a bit dejected that we’re back. But, on the positive side, we’re at least here. Things looks good, we’re primed and ready for the starter’s gun!
Here’s a reminder of when we were at the starting blocks last time!

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