Thursday, 13 December 2012

Maybe Having A Baby - new and improved!

So you may have noticed my little blog is looking a little more fancy-pants! After much Googling and You Tubing, I've figured out how to make a few changes that I hope improves your reading experience.

I've made some tabs up the top to group my posts into categories. For readers who have just joined us, this will help you understand my journey to date. It will also direct you to whatever stage you're currently in.

I've also made it so you can comment without having to sign into Google. So, if you have anything to say on a particular post, please just add your comment to the comment field.

If you don't want to post publicly, I've added a Contact Me form so you can email me your question, comment or story directly.

I'll continue to update the page as I figure out how to do things but if there is anything you'd like to see, please let me know!

Happy reading!

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