Friday, 21 June 2013

Fabulous Friday

And here we are again at another Fabulous Friday. It seems like they are coming about more and more regularly but who’s complaining! What makes today fabulous is reasoning, toasted muffins and bumping into friends.

Reasoning – I woke up with pains in my lower belly this morning. I always get a little shock of worry when this happens. It’s not like stabbing pains, more like a muscle ache. It comes and goes but sometimes it feels a bit sharper. Because I’ve been pregnant for 4 weeks now, I’ve learnt what these things mean. In the moment I feel the initial moment of fear, I can use my reasoning to calm myself down.

I now have enough experience to know these pains are not bad. I can now tell myself they are due to a combination of my uterus expanding and gas! My ability to reason with myself, and talk myself down off the panic ledge is a god send. I’m able to keep myself calm, stay rational and continue on with my day. I’m not sure this will stop the fear thoughts from coming, but it certainly helps me not to run away with them!

Toasted muffins – My ferocious appetite means I need something quick and easy to eat when the moment strikes. I bring a home made banana muffin to work with me everyday, but I find my metabolism can chew this up pretty quickly. Sometimes, I need some extra substance about 2 hours later – hello muffins!

Having a stash in the freezer was particularly helpful today because I have to go to a work lunch. Given my food restrictions now, I had to ask for a vegetarian, non-dairy meal so I don’t get stuck with ham sandwiches, or cold chicken salad with fetta in it. As a result, it means I’ll probably get some crappy salad. So, muffin to the rescue to fill me up.

I have never really eaten toasted muffins before, but now I love them. I spread apricot jam on them and gobble them up. I try not to worry about the carbs and figure it’s all good, so long as I’m eating fruit and veges during the day. This morning, I had porridge with banana, kiwi fruit and passionfruit so I think I’m good for the day!

Bumping into friends – This morning on my coffee run, I bumped into a friend I sent my scan to yesterday. She told me she had been very worried for me but upon seeing the scans, she no longer felt anxious. She grabbed me by the shoulders, looked me square in the eyes and said “I just know everything will be fine. Yippee.” I told her that deep down I felt everything would be fine too but sometimes I have my doubts. She said “Just get rid of them.” Ok. I will!

Happy Friday all. Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

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