Monday, 10 June 2013

Over the hump

Today I’m 7 weeks. Sticky and Maybe Baby B are the size of a blueberry. It’s a big week as their ear buds begin to form, hands and feet sprout from their bodies and they are now fed through the umbilical cord. The other significance of this week is it is the week I lost Peanut.

At 7 weeks, I first got the discharge that has plagued me ever since. At 7 weeks 1 day, they couldn’t find Peanut’s heartbeat. At 7 weeks 3 days the obstetrician confirmed Peanut was gone. I started the week with a baby and ended it with no baby.

The significance of today is not lost on me. I am thinking about it and praying to the baby gods this week doesn’t turn out the same. I’ve even asked the babies to send me as much nausea as they can just to reassure me everything is going ok.

My husband tells me there was a greater chance we lost Peanut because his heart never beat, but we don’t know that for sure. It could have started beating but stopped, but we know it’s not likely. We know Sticky has a strong heart beat and the odds of miscarriage are now on our side. We’re still waiting to see how Baby B will go but, if I have lost Baby B, I’ll at least know that likely happened earlier on.

So there’s my vent about all of that. I’m trying to focus on the positive instead. Like how the tooth buds will form this week, and the fingers and toes start to separate. The belly is starting to form and the pancreas and appendix are developing. Both the brain and eye lenses are growing and the babies’ eye colour has already been determined. I wonder if it will be blue like my husband’s or green like mine. The baby eye colour predictor says it’s 50/50 either way!

It’s only 10 more sleeps until my next scan where we’ll get to meet Sticky again, and hopefully meet Baby B for the first time. That can’t come fast enough for me. It’s our next big milestone – reaching 8 weeks with a heartbeat means the risk of miscarriage drops to only 3%. And, it means we will be officially accepted by the obstetrician.

While I’m excited about that, I need to survive this week first. So while it’s a week full of milestones, I’m going to focus on the most important one – 7 weeks means I’m over the hump. I'm on the downhill run to 2nd trimester. With each passing day, it’s now a step closer to reaching that magic mark. Only 42 days to go! 

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  1. This is a bittersweet week for you but good for you for focusing on the positives. Sounds like you are taking a moment to remember Peanut while still taking care of yourself and Team Fisty. There are so many positives! I am so happy things are continuing to look good and in 10 days you'll get the confirmation and additional answers you need to get through the next 7 months.



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