Monday, 9 December 2013

33 weeks

Today marks 33 weeks and the onset of all the challenges that come with surviving the last few weeks of pregnancy. Thank god there's only 6 weeks to go!

Over the weekend, I had terrible ligament pain that made it quite painful to sit, stand and walk. Clearly, my mobility days are numbered! I visited the chiropractor today who told me I now have no stability in my pelvis or sacrum thanks to the pregnancy and where the baby is sitting. So, while it's all fine and well to say I'm still not showing that much because I'm carrying Sticky towards my back, the fact that she is on my back is causing some pretty significant issues.

As a result, I can no longer recline in the recliner or use my foot stool. I can't lift my legs at all as this puts more pressure on my spine and causes me a lot of pain. The recline of the car seat is the same so long distances are now banned. This means that the chances of us making the family Christmas celebrations is pretty unlikely as the 3 hours in the car to get there and back would not be a good idea. I haven't given up all hope of making it though.

The other challenge I'm now facing is being able to get in and out of the new car. It only just fits in our garage so there is limited space between the driver's door and garage wall to get in and of of it, and limited space to move around it. What limited space is there is now taken up by my belly. I had to try parking 3 times over the weekend just to get out of it! So, my days of being able to drive it are numbered and I'll soon have to revert to the other car. Thank god we decided to keep it!

Despite all the inconveniences, I did have a win on the weekend. My wall hanging is now complete and up! 

I had no idea what I was going to put into it but I found the smaller toys all fit in well. I love the fact that the majority of them were mine from when I was little and Sticky will get to play with them and enjoy them as much as I did! I'm also proud of myself for making it. It was a frustrating process but a labour of love that I'm not sure I'll repeat again. But, I love looking at it and seeing the room start to take shape. I'm still holding off on the finishing touches until Christmas so not long to go now!

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