Friday, 27 December 2013

The Mum mobile

It's official - I now have a Mum mobile!
After much struggle and debate, the baby seat is now firmly placed in our car. All I can say is I wish we had of just paid someone to do it!

Firstly, we had to put the new car seat covers on. Well, I wish I could have paid someone to do that too. My husband had to do most of it because I couldn't bend down, but after several hours and much swearing, we finally figured it out.

My husband then put the seat in and realised the straps weren't long enough to reach the anchor points. I did not provide any supervision for this process, assuming he would follow the directions and it would be fine. I mean he's a really smart guy so I had no need to question it was done right.

I headed out to buy an extension strap. The first shop only had an 80cm strap which was too long. The second shop only had a 30cm one which looked too short and the last shop only had a 60cm one which was also too long, I went home with nothing wondering what we were going to do. I'd been told that you couldn't get an adjustable strap anymore because of new safety standards. I was becoming very concerned our car seat was not going to fit in our car and we'd be stuck with a $500 lemon because we'd cut the box up so couldn't return it.

I got the instruction book and went out to the car. I quickly realised my husband had put the seat in incorrectly because he misinterpreted one instruction. He thought you only needed to  put the seatbelt in if you were putting the seat in the middle seat. He didn't realise the seatbelt needed to be used no matter where you put it. Thank God I checked because Sticky would not have been properly secured if we were in an accident. That doesn't bare thinking about. 

I then realised that my husband had pulled one of the straps to shorten it so it was shorter than it needed to be to reach the anchor point. This meant the 30cm strap would be fine. Back to the shop I went. After 3 days, and much frustration, the car seat is finally in place. It is strapped in with the 3 different straps its meant to have which means Sticky will now be safe and sound! 

It seems funny to have it all done now. I look at the seat when I get in the car and seeing the little rattle makes me smile. It won't be long until I'm driving along, seeing little fingers grab at it and rattle it about. I know that will make the last 3 days worthwhile! 

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