Thursday, 12 December 2013

Final shopping done!

Ok, I know I said baby shopping was done with the car seat purchase last week but I decided I wasn't quite done!

After seeing friends on the weekend who have a 4 month old, I decided to make 2 more purchases - a travel cot and breathing mats. We always knew we would need a travel cot as my parents live an hour away so we will be spending plenty of time down there and Sticky will need somewhere to sleep. I had been putting it off as I thought we wouldn't bother getting one until next year but I realised it can take a while to get one so today I've ordered it.

Who knew choosing a travel cot would be such a big decision. It was almost as difficult as choosing the car seat. After lots of research and talking to friends, I chose a light one you can put up in 90 seconds. It was much more expensive than the other ones but got the best reviews and came highly recommended by lots of people. It seems it's a popular choice as the shop I got it from had sold out so we should receive it sometime in the new year.

The other thing my friends recommended was the breathing mats. This is a mat you put on your bassinet or cot that monitors the baby's breathing and will set off an alarm when it doesn't detect breathing. The alarm is to designed to wake the baby to get them breathing again and the parents so they can check on the baby. Again, I got one of the most expensive on the market but it's the only one registered as a medical device in Australia so I figure the cost is worth it.

When I spoke to my husband about getting it, he said it seemed like something to address paranoia. Of course it is. It's that paranoia that manufacturers of these kind of products prey on. It's what drives their sales. I did think about it because I didn't want to succumb to my fears and paranoia about something happening to Sticky. But, then I realised, surviving the fear and paranoia I've had through the whole pregnancy has been enormously difficult. The mental anguish it's caused me has definitely left an impact and I decided I don't need to continue doing that to myself once Sticky arrives. So, if a bit of money buys me some peace of mind, I'm going to treat myself to that. 

So now I think I'm finally done. There's no doubt there will be a few other things I'll need but I can't think of what they are at the moment. I'm feeling happy that I have everything I need for Sticky's arrival and if there's anything else that comes up, I can get it when I need it. If she arrives tomorrow, I have everything I need so I'm not worrying about anything else. From a material point of view, we are ready. From a mental point of view, I'm not sure we'll ever be ready so I've also accepted we will just be thrown in the deep end and we'll sink or swim. Luckily, we are both reasonably confident swimmers! 

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