Tuesday, 10 December 2013

40 days to go

When I first got the pregnancy countdown app, I had 183 days until Sticky's due date. Now, I'm down to 40. Where did the last 143 days go!

At this stage in pregnancy, most women are not feeling as much movement because bub is starting to run out of room. Not me, it seems Sticky is moving more than ever. Her kicks are becoming quite violent and she's taken to letting me know when she's not comfortable. She doesn't seem to have much concern about my comfort.

Sleeping is becoming difficult because I'm meant to sleep on my side but Sticky doesn't like it. If I lie on my left side, she pokes me in the side until I move. She's more comfortable if I lie on my right but doesn't really like it as she still pokes me, but just not as intensely. She only seems quiet if I lie on my back which is a no no in pregnancy.

Eventually, she lets up enough for me to go sleep but it takes some time. Sadly though, for the last 3 days, I've woken up at 4:30am and it takes me a while to get back to sleep. Funnily enough, people telling me it's good practice for when the baby comes doesn't help. If I was going to practice, I would set my alarm to go off every 3 hours throughout the night. The simple fact is there is no way you can practice for when your baby arrives because you have no idea what their schedule will be. 

Therefore, any kind of practice is futile. The universe should just let me get sleep now while I can. I know that in 40 days, sleep will be a foreign concept to me. I know I will be a delirious, bewildered, incomprehensible fool. It's going to be hard enough dealing with it then so I shouldn't have to deal with it now. 

Alas, my daughter has other plans. She doesn't have any idea of her impact in my world right now. She's just loving the fact she can swim around in her pool and dance her little heart out. In 40 days time, when she takes her first breath, she still won't have any idea of her impact in my world.  She'll just look to me to care for her, love her and cherish her. Luckily for her, I already do all of these things so sleep deprived or not, those are at least things I've had lots of practice at! 

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