Friday, 13 December 2013

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday all. What's fabulous about today is I only have 5 more Fridays until Sticky arrives!

5 more Fridays. It seems surreal when I think of it like that. Actually, it kind of freaks me out when I think of it like that so I I'm going to stop thinking about it.

I've had a proactive day making pants. I've made 5 pairs for Sticky and while I've been slightly frustrated I haven't mastered it, I'm quite proud of myself for doing such a good job. Mind you, it will be about 4 months before its cold enough for her to wear them!

I've purposefully had a restful day today because I've got a big weekend. Tomorrow is my baby shower and Sunday we have an all day first aid course. I'm looking forward to my shower and hope I have the energy to enjoy it. My friend is organising it for me which I'm very touched by. There's only 11 of us so we'll sit and enjoy a nice morning tea and it will be the last chance to catch up with everyone before Sticky arrives.

Our first aid course is a specific child one. I haven't done a first aid course since I last worked in child care and my husband hasn't done one since he was in the army. I decided I wanted to do one so we can be prepared in case anything happens. My child care experience has taught me that kids are unpredictable. They like to fall over, run into things, stick things in holes they don't belong, and get themselves stuck in places they don't belong.  I know we have a few years ahead of us that will require bandages, band aids and ice packs  and God forbid anything worse. So, preparation is the key!

This weekend is also the last weekend we have anything planned. From here on in we are just coasting by, waiting for her highness to arrive. My husband really needs a break so I'm glad he will have 2 weeks off before Sticky arrives just to relax. He's going to take 5 weeks off when she comes but that time won't be relaxing. It will be full on and exhausting, so his break is important so he can recover from what's been a full on year.

So I'll be sure to post some pics on Monday from the baby shower. I'm looking forward to sharing it. Until then, have a great weekend! 

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