Monday, 23 December 2013

The unglamourous side of pregnancy

This my friends is a true reflection of how unglamourous pregnancy truly is. For those of you earlier on in pregnancies, prepare yourself!
I had many friends tell me that towards the end of my pregnancy, and after the baby is born, I'll be yearning for my old wardrobe. They all told me I'd be sick of wearing the same clothes and will long to fit back into my pre- pregnancy wardrobe. This is true to a degree, but what I really miss, is my old underwear!

Pre-pregnancy, I was a size 14 (beige). I have just bought size 24 (black) in preparation for the cesar! Size 24! Needless to say they are as grandma-ish undies as you can possibly get. But, I have taken all the advice of my friends on board who said you'll want some big undies that don't rub on your scar after the op. Also, purchasing such undies is a wise decision when I'll need to be wearing maternity pads for god knows how long. Yep, I can't say I'm looking forward to any of that. On the bright side though, it's good motivation to work towards getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

So today I am 35 weeks, meaning I have just 27 days to go. Sticky is now flipping from side to side and I know exactly which side she's on as soon as I lay down. She's also taken to curling herself up in a ball and lying to one side of my belly. I can see where she is but it makes lying on my side rather difficult. 

The other thing I've noticed is it's getting much harder for me to roll over in bed. When she's lying to one side, she creates more weight on that side so it drags one way as I try to roll the  other. It makes me rather glad I haven't put on any more weight than I have. 

It also makes me think that she's not coming out anytime soon. She's clearly having a jolly good time in there and why would you want to leave somewhere you're so happy being. She's got yummy food, her own spa, and a comfy bed. Sounds pretty 5 star to me. Well Miss Sticky, alas here's one of your first lessons in life - holidays always have to come to an end! So, you've got 27 more days to lap it up before reality kicks in and you'll be pulled kicking and screaming from your penthouse. Welcome to the real world my love! 

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