Tuesday, 24 December 2013

New sensations

Funnily enough, as this pregnancy draws to a close, there are new symptoms to deal with. Mind you, no one ever said pregnancy was easy at the end!

For the past few days, I've been getting an odd tingling at the top of my uterus. Now my uterus is huge, the top of it is just under my breasts. It's hard to describe what it feels like. It's like a combination of tingling, butterflies and pins and needles. It comes and goes but I find I have it more at night.

Of course I consulted Dr. Google, and while it seems quite common, there was no real definitive explanation for it. Some explanations included Braxton Hicks, the baby's feet tickling and the baby pressing on a nerve. I know it's not Braxton Hicks because I've had enough of those now to know the difference. I hazard a guess it's not the baby's feet as Sticky's feet are constantly moving from side to side and this sensation seems to be in the same place everytime. So, I'm assuming it's something to do with a nerve. I'll ask the midwife next week and see if I can discover an answer.

In terms of existing symptoms, my indigestion is now getting worse and I've noticed it's really impacting on my appetite. Mind you, that could be the heat too. It's not necessarily a bad thing because of course Christmas is a time for indulgence so I have a good excuse not to! I simply cannot eat as much as I was so it's back to smaller, more regular meals for me. I've also reached the stage where I can be barely bothered to cook so salad has re-entered the menu which of course makes everything seem healthier!

My leg cramps are also coming back with more regularity. Clearly Sticky is rolling around on whatever nerve it is that causes those. My husband has now become an expert at relieving them so the intensity and duration has now decreased. Mind you, we still aren't impressed when they hit at 6am because we'd rather be sleeping. But, beggars can't be choosers so we appreciate the fact they seem to have moved from striking in the middle of the night to a more respectable time. 

And finally, my back. While it's not too bad overall, I have had some problems with it. I've been sewing up a storm over the past few days so that hasn't helped. I'm just hoping it survives all the driving we'll be doing for Christmas tomorrow. The other issue is the chiropractor is now closed for 2 weeks so I had to take my husband in yesterday to be shown some exercises he can do with me to manage it over that time. 

He's such a good boy my husband. Between filling my water bottle, doing the dishes for me, relieving cramps and becoming my interim chiro, he's now my part-time carer! Mind you, it's probably good practice for him because for a few weeks after Sticky arrives, he'll be looking after both of us. I did hear him mention to someone yesterday that he's aware I won't be doing much cooking after the baby comes and that seems to be his biggest concern. Personally, I think we'll have far more to deal with rather than home cooked meals but it's nice to know he likes my cooking. Post baby, he'll just have to deal with my re-heated cooking. Thank god the freezer is stacked ready to go! 

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