Monday, 16 December 2013

Weekend festivities

Well, I survived the hectic weekend with my baby shower and first aid course. Just!

My baby shower was lovely. I even dressed us for the occasion. I don't think I've worn makeup for months so decided it was worth the effort! 

Here I am 2 days short of 34 weeks. As you can see, Sticky still isn't that interested in showing herself off but she's definitely there!

I had about 8 friends come to the shower and we had a beautiful morning tea. I had asked for books and got a lovely range of different stories I'll be able to read Sticky over the years. It was lovely to see some of my favourites from when I was kid and it made me think of all the stories I had loved to read. I'm now going to have to go out and find them so I can share them with Sticky. 

I felt pretty tiered at the end of the day so was eager to get bed. I got to sleep about 11pm and woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep. I must have got up about 7 times to go to the toilet so the likelihood of going back to sleep was slim. I dozed on and off until 7am when we had to get up for the first aid course. 

I'm glad I did the course but it freaked me out. All the talk of CPR, burns, bites, amputation and embedded objects was a bit much. Everytime something else was discussed I shivered at the thought of these things potentially happening. I wasn't too much of an accident prone child but I would often be found up in the trees or jumping off the neighbour's roof. My brothers however were constantly causing injury to themselves so it makes me glad we have a girl. Also, I think my brothers may have led me astray a bit so maybe it's a good thing Sticky doesn't have anyone to give her bad ideas as yet!

I'm glad I did the course with my husband because he can step in if I fall to pieces if something does happen to Sticky. Of course I know that given I'll be the one at home for at least the first year, chances are I'd be by myself if something did happen, so I'm hoping I will remain calm in the situation and I'll know what to do. Failing that, I may just wrap her in bubble wrap for the first 10 years of her life. That sounds like the best plan to me!

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