Monday, 22 July 2013

13 weeks!

13 weeks – we have officially reached 2nd trimester. To be honest, it feels a bit anti-climatic. My husband and I were meant to go out for a celebratory lunch but he’s home sick. I thought I’d celebrate by buying another pregnancy bra but I’m so busy at work I can’t even leave. But, I am overjoyed to be here and would sing it from the rooftops if I had a minute to spare.

Here’s Sticky and I at our big milestone. While it looks like I have a sizeable paunch, I really don’t because my stomach isn’t naturally flat. So while I normally carry around a paunch, it is starting to expand. I bought this wrap dress a few years ago and I’m hoping it will fit me throughout the whole pregnancy. So, I’ll take a photo wearing it every few weeks to track my belly progress.

Speaking of progress, the weight gain has begun – 0.3 kilos for my first trimester. The recommended weight gain is 1 to 2 kilos so I’m hugely impressed with my efforts. I expect it to all be down hill from here but I’m prepared for that. I’m actually looking forward to getting fat because it will be nice to be a bit more obvious. I’m not looking forward to strange people coming up and rubbing my stomach but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen too often.

Bra shopping was a success on the weekend. I tried on about 8 different types and none were perfect so I had to get the one that fit the best. Normal bras have 3 clips on them but pregnancy ones have about 8 or 9. They stretch for a mile! But it makes sense because they can grow with you through the pregnancy. The bra is really comfortable, and I know my boobs are sighing relief in their new home, but the bra pushes my boobs together which makes one big boob. This can be uncomfortable at times, and I have to push them back, but I’m expecting I’ll get used to it.

The instant relief I felt wearing the bra led me to finally purchase some maternity clothes. For $150 I got 4 tops and a dress. I figured that was acceptable spending. I also found some dresses and tops on sale for $7 so bought a few of those in size 18 figuring they’ll fit me in a few weeks. For $7 I figure you can’t go wrong!

So, at 13 weeks, I have to admit that other than loosing Baby B, it’s been a pretty easy pregnancy. There have been times of bad nausea, pains, frustration and tears, but I know I’ve escaped lightly. I hazard a guess that the rest of the pregnancy is when my strength and fortitude will be really tested. Especially given one of the girls at work, who’s 32 weeks pregnant, tells me she now has to sit up in bed because her reflux is so bad. Such wonderful things I have to look forward to but, I’m looking forward to them!

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