Thursday, 4 July 2013

Belly belt time

The time has come. I have finally succumbed. It’s belly belt time.

I am now at the stage where my jeans do up but they’re starting to get too tight. Given the ongoing cramps and pains in my lower abdomen, I don’t want anything tight or putting pressure on any part of my stomach. Literally, over the space of 3 days, the jeans needed to be let out.

So here we are – the belly belt. As you can see, it’s not the most attractive look in the world which is why you wear loose clothing over the top. Basically, it’s a piece of elastic with a button hole at one end and 3 buttons at the other end. You connect the button hole to your jean button and put one of the belt buttons into your jeans button hole. Hey presto, your jeans now fit a more voluptuous stomach!

The only problem is my stomach isn’t quite big enough to warrant the first button so it sticks out a bit. When I got dressed this morning I said to my husband “Look, it sticks out through my top." He said “Babe, everything is going to stick out soon.” He was right, and for the sake of comfort, I got over it.

While it looks ugly, the belly belt is a life saver. I have another 2 buttons to go on this belt before I need to graduate to a longer belt. So essentially, I could wear my jeans throughout my whole pregnancy. But, I don’t plan too. Eventually I will look too ridiculous and I’ll need to graduate to maternity jeans. However, I will have a while up my sleeve before I have to and it will be better being able to buy some when I’m bigger.

I tried to buy some other maternity pants this week and it was a failure. Both pairs were too big on my stomach and thighs but I know I’ll probably eventually fit into them. I just felt stupid in pants that were flapping about my legs. I think I’m going to take both pairs back and wait a few weeks. It means I’ll be living in my one pair of maternity pants and jeans but I think I can manage. Failing that, one of the pair of pants I bought was only $15 so I might take it back and try to get a smaller size so it fits me now.

I’ve been trolling maternity wear websites and I’m trying not to buy anything yet. I’m living up to my promise to my husband that I wouldn’t get anything until I reach 2nd trimester. The only things I’m allowed to get are things I need now, and right now, I do need another pair of pants. So I feel like I’m in this in between stage at the moment.

Both my body and mind are stuck in no mans land. Not quite pregnant enough and not quite ready to be. On the bright side, I only have 18 days until I’m officially in the 2nd trimester.  On Monday 22nd July I’ll be 13 weeks and then it’s on. Until then, people will just think I’ve become really slack with my wardrobe. Oh well, that’s going to happen anyway so they may as well get use to it!

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